ZEP Fund


Our vision

The ZEP fund was created to help bridge financing for companies coming out of the Zell program. Our goal is to help ventures seeking pre-seed funding, as a means to validate product market fit and kickstart future funding rounds.

While the fund primarily focuses on recent Zell graduates, we welcome all alumni ventures to apply and participate as well. As of today, we have funded 38 outstanding companies who are well on their way to disrupting various industries spanning from commerce to finance. It’s our belief that a strong financial foundation coupled with an extensive support network of mentors and alumni is a recipe for success. By supporting graduates throughout every stage of their entrepreneurial journey, our ventures have a strong support system to help them grow.

How Does it work?

Every year we receive applications seeking funding from both recent Zell graduates and alumni ventures. Our investment committee is composed of the programs’ active chairperson, the academic director, an alumni representative, a representative from the program advisory board and Reichman University's CFO. At the final stage the investment committee convenes to review materials and meet the financed ventures for that given year.

Each year the investment committee is vested with the task of choosing five companies to invest $50,000 in under a founder-friendly tailor-made SAFE. While the ZEP Fund would love to support all of our alumni, and do so when we can in other non-financial means, we are constrained to just five investments each funding cycle.

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Reinventing the way people are filing their taxes. Fibo makes the process easy and simple for the user thanks to Integrations built with the tax authorities, the banks and the insurance companies, along with the back office software that imitates an accountant workflow and automates the process.



Overwolf allows developers to build great apps for the games they love


A content engine for fashion & interior design retailers to publish high quality, licensed content directly to website visitors. Bllush helps inspire shoppers on online fashion stores with engaging content


A cross border software solution for online retailers that want to sell oversize categories (furniture, sporting goods etc.)


EyeOnn was founded by Tomer Czapnik (Zell 14) and Dotan Asselmann. The company develops an advanced swimming pool safety system that recognizes swimmers distress using underwater cameras and computer vision algorithms.



As Parents who had enough with the "guilt trips" related to the fact our Kids have smartphones, we decided to create a platform which brings value by streaming hundreds of positive interactions for Kids via their Smartphones. We call it "The Dynamo Ecosystem".



An online e-learning platform for home gastronomy, offering exclusive video classes from world-renowned chefs, with immersive storytelling, hands-on teachings and rich interactivity, to create a brand-new type of learning experience for home cooking.

Halo Labs

Halo Labs provides teams with a prototyping and design solution for VR/AR applications - "Invision for VR/AR". We empower product and design teams with a fast and efficient way to plan, visualize and communicate VR concepts.



Develops global digital banking solutions for internationals who manage their lives in two or more countries.



An online marketplace for selling & buying discounted hotel reservations


Steero was founded by Meir Rosilio (Zell 14) and GIlad Manor. The company incorporated an insurance agency in order to make insurance honest, smart and personalize. Steero use technology and the power of community to help customers to stop fund crazy drivers.



Monto is the first fully automated, out-of-the-box solution for the growing problem of billing through many different suppliers' portals. With an instant & simple integration, Monto completely eliminates the tedious and error-prone manual billing through over 200 different portals. 1 platform to bill all of your customers, which decreases delayed payments and DSO dramatically.

Perceptive AI


The first platform of its kind to employ AI in order to help customer success teams in B2B companies predict, analyze and act upon early signals of churn and revenue expansion opportunities months before the CSMs learn about it from their rule-based systems



Ole is an on-demand fashion marketplace that provides a hassle-free shopping experience - immediate deliveries, returns & exchanges. Ole works with the top boutiques, designers, and brands, transforming every store into a local distribution center. Order a Tshirt and get it in 30min, want to exchange or return it - simply click and it's done

Stay Labs


Stay Labs personalize food for dogs, based on science, not trends. At Stay, we deliver personalized dog nutrition catered to every dog's needs and preference. We use biofeedback, data science, and a personal relationship with dog owners to answer every dog's specific needs and improve its health and wellbeing.



Silverback empowers online retailers with an AI-powered sales decisions hub that enables them to offer the best product assortment at the most competitive prices and optimise promotions to be ahead of the game.



NOVOS is a training platform for gamers who take gaming seriously. NOVOS (novos.gg) is a training platform for gamers who want to pursue their dreams and take their gaming skills to a higher level. NOVOS methodology is based on proven best practices from the skill-building world. We leverage human feedback, community knowledge and technology to provide gamers with a structured framework and an engaging training routine that make them the best gamers they can possibly be.



Rebuilding the package travel experience for the new age travelers. WeSki provides a unique customer experience, enabling skiers to book flexible and personalised ski holidays easily.



Empirical helps companies increase revenue by improving hiring decisions. We use predictive analytics, grounded in data science and machine learning, to profile a company’s strongest and weakest performers so that organizations can easily


An AI companion that helps people make exercise into a regular part of their weekly routine. For health clubs and leisure centers, CoachAi is a totally automated solution for increasing member retention.


Vyzer - Digital first, wealth advisor


KolGene is a digital management platform that streamlines and optimizes the genetic tests ordering process.KolGene makes sure the process is transparent, accountable and optimized financially, logistically and medically.



A B2B automation platform, enabling brands and retailers to easily streamline processes and optimize inventory utilization while increasing sales and margins



inbe (Previously Caryera) provides a personalized Career Path, for an efficient career development & execution. The platform is updated in real time.


Preventing construction errors, Astralink is a Quality Assurance platform for the construction industry, using Augmented Reality (AR) technology to bridge the gap between 3D digital blueprints (BIM models) and real-life construction field work.



VirtualOffice allows companies and remote teams to take their video meetings to the next level.



A cloud-based platform to which construction companies can export their BIM models and get real-time alerts on design errors, construction issues and potential risks, based on their


Mego was founded by Roy Yanai, Omer Reemy and Ben Aichel (Zell 14). It is a p2p marketplace of couriers and recipients. Mego's users can get their packages at their convenience, eliminating the frustration that comes with package delivery.



Parametrix creates business interruption insurance for IT downtime events such as cloud-outages, e-commerce downtime, payment failures, and other third-party disruptions. By collecting robust data sets, developing real-time monitoring systems, and leveraging the parametric model, Parametrix enables immediate payout right after the downtime event. This allows their customers to hedge their external risks and have true business continuity.



A direct mail SaaS platform that bridges the gap between offline and online campaigns.



An e-commerce marketing solution that helps online merchants grow their business with photo reviews and social proof.



Wisor is a pricing and quotation optimization solution focused on the needs of the freight industry. Our solution uses artificial intelligence and Natural language processing technologies to automate what is currently based on traditional and manual processes, using real-time personal rates to generate accurate and comprehensive quotations in seconds instead of hours or days. Wisor helps freight forwarders increase conversion rates, capture every bit of value and margin, maximizing process efficiencies.


ClinicRent is a shared economy digital platform that connects physicians in need to rent a private clinic & clinic owners looking to maximize profit from their existing healthcare assets. ClinicRent enables physicians & care givers to enjoy exact matching due to an advanced filtering system. It takeד complete care and eliminate the hassle of finding tenants, booking & billing.


Mobai combining AI and computer vision to help parents remain aware of their baby’s safety and promote brain development by using technology.

Balena ltd

Balena creates unique fashion products by developing innovative materials. The usage of biomass and organisms enables the decomposition of our products in their after-use stage. Launching with sandals that offer style and comfort for environmentally conscious people


Liat Aaronson

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Yair Tauman

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Academic Director of the Zell Entrepreneurship Program

David Chissick

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Represents Zell Advisory Board

Golan Zrihan

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Mor Weiss

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Represents Zell Alumni